Professional Training in the Bio-Kinetics Health System™ is available through classroom style seminars at locations throughout the United States to licensed health care providers only. We do not verify your license status and therefore make no claim or guarantee that by taking this training you will be compliant with your state law. It is your responsibility to follow the laws of your state.

All classes are presented in a lecture format with question-answer time and hands-on interactive clinic sessions. Topics covered include the four phases of Bio-Kinetics Health System™ clearing: Physical, Neuro-Immune, Neuro-Emotional and Electromagnetic Balancing, as well as Personal Self-Care Training for attendees.

Our goal for each class is to provide quality training, instruction and support to each participant so that he/she will be able to effectively, efficiently, and confidently implement the use of the Bio-Kinetics Health System™ on themselves and their patients for maximum health and vitality.

Professional Continuing Education Credits may be available depending on your state. If Continuing Education is included, the information will be listed on the seminar information page, or call for updated details.

All classes incorporate interactive hands-on clinics in regards to Physical balancing, Subluxation Correction, Neuro-Immune, Neuro-Emotional, Electromagnetic balancing along with a Personal Health and Longevity Training.