Clearing Reactive Memories of Stress, A New Health Paradigm:


Let’s take a look at 5 real life cases with various health conditions:

     Barbara’s health was declining rapidly. She was in the hospital facing another surgery to remove more of her intestines from what was diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease. She had abscesses on her colon and not absorbing nutrients. She was getting weaker and weaker.

     Dominic was only able to eat 6 food items due to severe allergy-like symptoms.

     Denise was having constant fatigue, out of breath, lower back pain and her legs felt weak.

     Henry was emotionally distraught over the death of his son two years prior. He had times where he would have to go into a room by himself and cry. He just could not bring himself out of his deep emotional sadness.

     Julie was afraid to fly. She had tried it once and panicked so much that she said she would never fly again.

What if I told you there is a common neurological reaction in all of these people that was interfering with their healing?
Not only that, but this underlying condition can be corrected with a new revolutionary health method discovered by a brilliant doctorof chiropractic who wasn’t satisfied with the current level of health care that he was offering his patients.
He began researching how the brain and nervous system affect health and healing, and then how to turn on these healing capabilities to get his patient’s to literally heal themselves.

This doctor was Dr. Lawrence Newsum, D.C. and he spent years developing the Bio-Kinetics Health System. I will tell you how he came upon his amazing discoveries later in this article.


« Old stored stress memories do much more damage to your health than anything else and slowly eat away your full health potential.»

-Lawrence Newsum, D.C.


But first, I have to change your perception of stress and what it is and what it does to your body.
Most people don’t realize that there are two types of stress. Current stress and old stored stress memories. When asked, most people would say that the stress they feel in the moment, the current stress is what is causing their health problems:

    • The pressures of everyday life.
    • The stress and pressure of their jobs or family.
    • The world-wide political climate.

Whatever it is, we all seem to live in a stressful world, and we tell ourselves that we just need to learn how to handle this stress better so we don’t get sick. Meditation, Relaxation, Vacations are all methods that we are told can help us try to reduce this stress.

 But the discovery that Dr. Newsum made turns this old concept of stress upside down.

He found that old stored stress memories do much more damage to your health and slowly eat away your full health  potential.

This is because these stored stress memories stack up and accumulate in your system. It is the constant triggering of all these memories, and that they are silently running in the background of your life that causes your body to be in a perpetual state of reactive stress and therefore deteriorates your health.

Your body can only handle so much stress before it starts to break down at the cellular level and your health slowly begins to suffer. If your current stress is stacked on top of a mountain of old reactive stress memories, your body cannot handle this much total stress and your health suffers.

Think about your life, how many stress memories do you have running silently in the background of your life right now. Every stressful event you have ever had is still there, and this includes:

          • physical injuries,
          • emotional traumas,
          • chemical exposures, food sensitivities and
          • the effects of electromagnetic fields.

If all these are constantly getting triggered in your brain and nervous system, there is no room for you to handle the current stress in your life, and your body will break down and begin to malfunction.



The Dawn of a new understanding in health:

Through much research and trial-and-error leading to his remarkable discoveries, Dr. Newsum developed a way using a small hand-held tool called the NewStim to interrupt these neurological Reactive Stress Patterns and get them to stop automatically playing in the background of your life.

As these patterns are cleared, your body begins to switch from being constantly in reactive fight-or-flight mode into constantly being in a healing rest-and-digest mode. This has been proven to be one of the most powerful things you can do to improve how your body works and heals. The above patients are real patients who have had their Reactive Stress Memories cleared using the Bio-Kinetics Health System process and experienced substantial improvements. They are all on the Testimonial page of this website so go and have a look at it!

But it is important to note that their Reactive Stress Memories were not causing their health issues, and clearing them did not ‘cure’ them. These Reactive Stress Patterns were just keeping their body from healing itself. It is very gratifying to watch when someone’s Reactive Stress Patterns are cleared and their body begins the healing process, all on its own.

There are hundreds of doctors who have been trained in this advanced healing method and they have helped thousands and thousands of patients from all over the world.
Contact a Bio-Kinetics Health System® doctor today and start your journey to better health and happiness.


Bio-Kinetics Health System® and Human Neurology:

Now before you start thinking that it is a design flaw for your system to work like this, think about it this way:

      • Your body is designed for survival and your brain and nervous system’s first responsibility is to keep you alive.
      • When you need to run away from the proverbial tiger, you switch into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode.

This is very powerful and may save your life, but you do so at the expense of your health. You might run over broken twigs or sharp rocks to get away, and then when the threat is over you lay down in the proverbial green pastures, switch into ‘rest-and-digest’ mode and begin the healing process.


You might think it is over, but your nervous system is wired to remember this event in order to protect you in the future if you encounter similar stresses.
Then whenever you do encounter a similar stressful event, this reactive stress memory gets activated and puts you into a similar ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction.

It is the constant triggering of hundreds or thousands of these reactive stress patterns that runs down your health.


« Bio-Kinetics Health System® is about whether we use energy to protect ourselves OR to heal ourselves.

Reactive Stress Patterns keep your body in a constant state of ‘fight-or-flight’ protection, at the cost of Health !

When we reset these neurological patterns, Healing starts to take over and your cells come back to life…



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