Ask what the word “STRESS” means to anyone and most likely the response will be something about their hectic life and all the pressures they feel on a daily basis. But did you know that stress can be totally silent, eating away at your health for years before it fully manifests. Life is stressful, but our bodies were designed to handle a certain amount of stress. In fact, some stress can be good for you. Exercise is a stressor that stimulates your body to get stronger. Learning something new is a stressor that stimulates your brain to make more connections in order to remember what you just learned and store it away in long-term memory. 

But stress has another side. A negative side. When the stressful events of life become negative, it creates distress. It is this distress that is harmful to your health. The difference between good stress and bad stress is all in how your body responds to the stressful event, whether it is physical stress, emotional stress, chemical stress or electromagnetic stress. It is the reaction your body has to these four types of stress that determines how it affects your health, and this is the key to becoming free of the effects of stress in your body and turning on the ‘Great Healer’ inside of you. Because we have found that the negative reactions to stress actually can be cleared, that you can change how your body reacts to stress, and that changes everything. Clearing these reactive stress patterns using the Bio-Kinetics Health System procedures opens the door to allowing your body to heal and regenerate the way God intended it to. 

And it is not just current stress that affects us. Old reactive stress memories are one of the major factors affecting our health and longevity. Your brain stores these stress memories for survival reasons. It needs to remember stressful events so it can protect you in the future if similar events come up. When a similar event or stressor does occur, these stress memories get triggered and react in much the same way they did originally, sending your body into full protection mode. This sounds good, however if these stress memories are triggering all the time or at inappropriate times, it will keep you in protective mode and your body never switches into healing mode. This wears your body down.  If we had just one or two reactive stress memories in our system, there would not be much of an issue. But think back over your own life. How many physical injuries, emotional traumas, chemical insults, immune challenges and electromagnetic exposures have you had? They don’t have to be major events. Even mild stressors, traumas or injuries will result in a reactive stress memory. If you are like most people, you probably have had thousands. Some even more. Each one of these stress memories may react very subtly, maybe only 1% each. But they accumulate and can add up. As your stress bucket gets filled up with all these stress memories there is less and less room for normal adaptation to the everyday stressors that come along. Then your body is in continual stress mode and all current stress is turned into distress. When this happens, healing and regeneration (even on a cellular level) is slowed or stopped, degeneration and decay is accelerated, and your health suffers.  

With the Bio-Kinetics Health System, there are actually two goals: 1. To remove your bodies reaction to current stress/injuries/trauma as they occur so that your body heals quickly and completely without leaving behind a reactive stress memory; and 2. To clear out as many old reactive stress patterns from your stress bucket as we can so that your body stays in health and healing mode, and your capacity for handling current stressors is much greater. In some cases, due to the high amount of accumulated stress memories, clearing your stress bucket may be a lifetime project. But think of it this way. Wouldn’t you rather have less reactive stress in your brain and body as you get older instead of having more?  

We know that Bio-Kinetics changes the spine:






The above photos are examples of correction of the neck curve using

Bio-Kinetics . As a result of this, these patients experienced:

  1. Less pain and stiffness.

    B. More range of motion.

    C. A stronger, more stable neck and spine.

    D. Less pressure on the disc reducing bulging.

    E. Slowing or stopping of degenerative arthritis.

    F. Better brain stimulation for optimum memory, mental clarity, and emotional balance.


Kirilian photographs showing that the Bio-Kinetics process changes and increases the energy output of the body.

Before :


After (3 minutes apart):


We all know that our brains retain memory of anything and everything we ever experience. There are four major areas that lead to reactive stress patterns. 

  1. Physical injury: These can be major injuries such as auto accidents, falls, muscle strains, surgeries, broken bones, etc., or they can be very minor things such as sitting for too long, looking down while texting (text neck), using a computer, the way we sleep, etc.. Most physical injuries seem to heal, at least from the outside. However, we have found that even if the injury appears to have healed, there is typically a residual stress memory that remains. This residual stress memory (sometimes known as muscle memory or reactive stress) can remain for years until it is cleared using the Bio-Kinetics Health System process. Think of how many physical injuries you have sustained over your lifetime. These stress memories can be compounded by compensatory forces in the body. If the injury was in the legs, back or neck (weight-bearing structures) and left a residual stress memory, there will be resulting compensatory forces travelling up and down these structures that will cause tissue deforming changes to occur. This is seen as bone changes, degeneration or arthritis and may take a long time to heal, or complete healing may not be possible. But even if complete correction is not possible, we have found that some improvement typically occurs leading to less pain and limitation and an increased ability to enjoy life. 
  1. Emotional Trauma: Good or bad emotional memories are stored in our brain as frequencies. Buried memories, such as memories you have blocked, may actually cause more harm than those that we remember. Again, these can come from major traumas such as abuse, shock, witnessing someone being injured, etc., but can also come from less major issues such as embarrassment at school, being bullied, neglect, abandoned, rejected, etc. Like physical injuries, emotional traumas can seem to heal from the outside but may continue to have a residual stress memory stuck in the nerve network. This residual pattern then gets triggered whenever something reminds us of the original trauma. This can keep us continually plugged in to an emotional issue that runs silently in the background of our lives, causing things like tight shoulders, headaches, stomach issues, fatigue, weight gain, etc. Clearing these types of reactive stress memories can literally set you free and change the way you see the world and engage with it. 
  1. Chemicals, Toxins and Immune Insults: This is probably the hardest one for people to understand. Chemicals in our environment, whether they be industrial chemicals, household chemicals, pollen, cat hair, foods, dust, etc. can be linked to a reactive stress memory and trigger an automatic reaction by the body or immune system whenever exposed to these items. This will then be manifested as what is typically known as an allergy or sensitivity which can range from hives, to sinus congestion, to acne, to leaky gut, to headaches, to chronic inflammation, etc. Also, when the body reacts to chemicals, it walls them off inside the fat cells to keep them away from more vital cells. Clearing your reaction to any chemical or toxin will allow your body to deal with and remove it in a more healthy and safe manner. 
  1. Electromagnetic Energy Fields (E.M.F.): We have all heard that cell phones may cause brain tumors, but you can be affected by E.M.F.’s coming from many more everyday items such as blow dryers, electric razors, microwave ovens, computer and television screens, high tension lines, transformers, etc.. Exactly why and how this happens is not clearly understood yet, however it is becoming more and more obvious and accepted that we are negatively affected in some way by the continuous bombardment of these energy fields. Electromagnetic Energy occurs in the form of frequencies, and these frequencies can interfere or disrupt the neurological frequencies in our brain and body. When this happens, you can easily understand how this may affect our health based on the neurological frequency model we discussed above.  Using the Bio-Kinetics Health System protocols, we have cleared many, many people of the effects of this energy.  

“We as human organisms are a series of interacting multidimensional subtle energy systems, and if these energy systems become imbalanced there may be resulting pathological symptoms which manifest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.” From introduction by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., to Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, by Richard Gerber, M.D. 

The Bio-Kinetics Health System protocols can be used to clear physical, emotional, chemical and electromagnetic reactive stress patterns and frequency disruptions easily and effectively.