Restoring Health From Its Source

BIO-KINETICS HEALTH SYSTEM – An Effective Natural Health Care System

Overview and History of the Bio-Kinetics Health System:

The Bio-Kinetics Health System works with your body’s stress response system in a way that switches off the protective fight-or-flight system and switches on your body’s healing system. This system affects, directly and indirectly, the regulating and controlling system of the body, responsible for all body functions including the digestive, circulatory, hormonal, reproductive, musculoskeletal, immune and nerve systems. 

It does this by physically stimulating specific points in your upper neck using the patented hand-held New-Stim tapping instrument and clearing reactive stress patterns (also known as reactive stress memories) in the brain and body. This patented process finds old stored stress patterns in the brain in a safe and non-threatening way, that are affecting the health of the body, and then effectively and gently stimulating and interrupting these ingrained patterns, thereby allowing your system to let go of these old stored stress memory patterns that are keeping your body continually in reactive stress mode.  

The Bio-Kinetics Health System was developed by Dr Lawrence E. Newsum, D.C., a chiropractic doctor, over many years of research in his clinic. It starts with the major premise of chiropractic which states that there is intelligence inside the body that continually runs it and keeps it healthy. This intelligence is manifest throughout the body via the brain and nervous system.

Early chiropractic theory established that interference to the flow of information between the brain and the body was a primary cause of malfunction in the body. This theory found that misalignments in the spinal column are a major cause of this interference. Advances in the field of Chiropractic also found that fixated or jammed spinal joints, abnormal curvatures, disc bulges, stretching of the nerves, tension of the coverings of the spinal cord (dura), unstable spinal joints, muscle memory patterns, and even toxins in the body also interfere with this command and control system, causing signal disruption and therefore malfunction in the body leading to dis-ease.

The chiropractic profession labeled these functional spinal problems as subluxations. The founder of chiropractic stated in the early 1900’s that the causes of these subluxations were Trauma, Toxins, and Autosuggestion (The term stress was not coined until 1936 so the term Autosuggestion at that time was, in part, their way of describing the subconscious reactive stress response that we talk about today). Further developments in the field of chiropractic and neuroscience established the receptor-based theory of chiropractic which states that nerve endings in muscles and joints (especially in the spine) also influence the brain and nervous system. These nerve endings send stimulation up into the brain and effect the functional status of central brain cells and brain centers, changing their frequencies (brain waves). This in turn optimizes nerve system function and thereby influences the health of the body. 

Dr. Newsum found that the functional status of these central brain cells and centers were dynamic, reacting to stressful events in one’s life and therefore triggering a cascade of neurological reactions that eventually result in spinal subluxations, communication errors and disfunction in the body causing a whole host of physical, emotional, chemical and immune problems.

He then went on to discover that these central brain cells and centers also reacted to memories of stressful events in exactly the same way that they reacted to current stressors. He developed an instrument that delivers a precise amount of physical force to activate these nerve endings in the body and send a specific amount of stimulation into the brain to interrupt these old memory patterns. Done correctly, these old memory patterns dissolve and no longer become triggered, thereby re-educating the neurological circuits away from the constant fight-or-flight response allowing healing to begin and continue unimpeded. 

“After more than 30 years of research leading up to my major discovery in 1993, I can assure you that damage to neuro-receptors and joints, muscles, the organs of the five senses are the major causes of nerve interference, a major cause of most health problems including those of organ malfunction and muscle and joint pain.”    Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum, D.C. 

“Bio-Kinetics procedures are designed to restore and maintain health, not treat disease. Treating health problems without correcting underlying causes is like turning off the fire alarm to put out a fire.”    Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum, D.C. 

The main benefits of Bio-Kinetics are:

1. Remove interference to glands and organs; improving function, resistance and health.

2. Correct and stabilize spinal problems and subluxations.

3. Reduce pain, swelling and healing times of injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle pulls, disc problems, contusions and lacerations.

4. Clear allergies and chemical sensitivities.

5. Clear the effect of negative feelings such as fears, phobias, guilt, anxieties, depression, hostility, anger, resentment and unforgiveness.

6. Balance the body’s own energy frequencies to EMF’s, allowing for optimal adaptation to potentially harmful environmental electrical pollution. No need for expensive devices to “balance your energy field”.